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My name is Dave Manousos, I am a visual artist. My style is Modern with a Pop twist. My shtick is “Painting Characters in an Abstract World.” Most of my characters have dual personalities competing in a single space. When viewing one of my Big Eye characters, take your hand and cover one side of the face then do the same on the other side. You will see two different emotions existing cohesively in the same space. Did I mention that I am a Gemini?...

As an observer of human behavior, and what makes each individual unique. I pull from my experiences and engagement with others. I retain some unique aspect of a personality that strikes me as interesting, unique or just memorable and I bring it to life in my characters when I paint.

Over the past 35 years I have experimented with many techniques of painting and illustrating. I have written and illustrated children’s books, worked in graphic design and continued to paint.

My Big Eye Collection is a compilation of character paintings that combines both my illustration and painting techniques. As I apply layer after layer of color and texture, I see shapes and faces emerge from the canvas. I embrace the dominant figure and bring it to life.


 Dave Manousos

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