My abstract paintings are the product of experimentation with color, texture and blends. It is not a matter of what is on the surface, but what lays below waiting for its turn to be revealed. The surface of my painting may end up being calm and tranquil with a small hint of chaos just below the surface. Or the surface may be riddle with turmoil with a hint of calm resident below.

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Chasm - 40 x 30

Chasm Dave Manousos Abstract 40 x 30 Acrylic on Canvas1200

Untitled - 18 x 24

Untitled 18x24

White Window - 36 x 36

White Window 36x36 Dave Manousos1200

Untitled - 18 x 18

Untitled Dave Manousos1200

Dark Towers - 30 x 24

Dark Towers 

Steps - 60 x 48


Somewhere - 60 x 48

Somewhere Dave Manousos

Daydreaming - 24 x 36

Manousos 6

Abstract - Red and Gold - 24 x 24

Red and Gold Abstract 2019